Monday, October 24, 2005

Butt braised in Bass

Lately Google has fed Haverchuk some visitors seeking "pictures of pot roast," which has been too bad for the visitors because until now there have been none. (Incidentally, I can't decide whether it's cool or lame to blog about the searches that bring to your blog searchers who are clearly not looking for anything you have to offer. If it's lame, I don't want to be cool.)

So here are my before-and-afters of tonight's dinner, pork shoulder (aka butt) pot-roasted in Bass Ale. (Pretty straightforwardly a Bittman How to Cook Everything recipe: Braised Pork with Vinegar and Bay, variation Braised Pork with Beer and Juniper Berries, p. 469. You couldn't taste the juniper berries--ten of them crushed under my knife--at all.) I must boast about how little this huge hunk of meat cost: four dollars and ten cents.

I don't have that much to say about this one. Shoulder is the most delicious cut of pork. In addition to the ingredients I've told you about, you can see the rest in the picture except for one: two cloves. I tied up the roast myself, mostly for fun. Instead of the slow cooker while I was out all day, I cooked it a day ahead of time in this exquisite glazed ceramic casserole, a wedding gift from some dear friends that makes everything prepared in it taste amazing. For the cooking method, see my earlier post Picture a Pot Roast, which does not contain a picture of pot roast.

I washed this down with a cold Bass and it was very nice. Out of the leftovers: Cuban sandwiches.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's cool. But only once a week.

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Best Homer Simpson voice)
Mmmmmmmm, butt.....

4:43 AM  

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