Sunday, November 13, 2005


While I was away from the blog accomplishing many important non-bloggy tasks, I accumulated some experiences I would have shared with you had I been here. So:

-Belgian-style ale is a good thing to drink. A dear friend from upstate New York the Central-Leatherstocking region of New York State came to visit and introduced us to Ommegang, the pride of Cooperstown. (Follow the link, you won't be disappointed: it has a video demo of how to pour. You're looking for some vigorous head. Doesn't that sound good?) The one we had was spicy, fruity, bitter, and very alcoholic. It's my beverage discovery of the year for sure. (Yes, there are lots of great Wisconsin beers too. Like Spotted Cow.)

-I'm now hooked on Everwood. Damn television.

-Search terms: poop star spaghetti dishwasher-safe. You'd hate to have to wash your poop star spaghetti by hand.

-E microwaved some sweet potatoes in a plastic dish to feed the little man. They were pretty fresh, maybe just a day or two old. When they came out of the microwave they smelled strongly of tobacco smoke. Huh?

-Pastafazool with Italian sausage. I ate too much of it.

-I seem unable to take the shell off a hard-cooked egg without mangling the white. Is there a trick or are my fingers just not dainty enough to be gentle?

-The design of this Italian cookbook won me over instantly.

-I bought some MSG the other day. Next I will work up the courage to actually put it in some food. Yes, to actually put. Problem?

I missed the blog. Glad to be back.


Blogger Kalyn Denny said...

The trick to taking the shell off eggs is to immediately put the eggs into ice cold water as soon as they finish cooking. Then the shells come off easily. If you're already doing that, I don't know what else to tell you.

11:05 PM  
Blogger zoe p. said...

A really brilliant food writer in Vanity Fair (but I forget who) once wrote that the chemical compound that gives MSG it's flavor is the same chemical compound that naturally occurs in parmigiano reggiano to provide it's flavor. He found this out while trying to debunk the MSG headache myth, anti-MSG snobbery and other this and that.

MFK Fisher tells us that MSG used to be known as "gourmet powder." So I don't wanna see anyone givin' MZN any "problems." Ya got that, foodies?

10:34 AM  
Blogger Robyn said...

I've rarely been able to peel eggs without marring them in some way. Oh well, it all tastes the same!

I've never used MSG but I doubt it'll be that bad for you. Otherwise, a lot of Asians would be...screwed. Just don't dump it on your food, I suppose? :)

10:50 AM  

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