Wednesday, November 02, 2005


One of the waiters longs to be the host of a quiz show.

"Any questions about the menu?" he asked some friends of mine. When they said no, he challenged them.

"Really?" they recalled his saying. "O.K.: what are cèpes?" Cèpes were listed on the menu at Thor as accompaniments to grilled beef tenderloin, and they are mushrooms, as my friends delightedly told him.
(Gotta love NYT style. Does anyone else spell "ok" like that?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Urgh - this bugged me when I read it the other day. First of all, because it was lame writing on Bruni's part, secondly because he didn't seem to note that cepes are the French word for porcini, a mushroom that is hardly considered exotic here anymore... Anyway.

10:55 AM  
Blogger Sebastián J. Echeverría said...

¡Qué blog de la semana ni qué weá! Usurpador de nombres... cocinero reculeque... MZN hay uno nomás y ese soy yo, carajo!

2:26 PM  

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