Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Back at the new Public Market today with the little fella. Went to pick up tortillas for some fish tacos. Here's what I saw.

Tasteless cheese encased in wax shaped like a cow, a barn and silo, a map of the state. You see these all over Wisconsin. If you come here looking for cheese, please stay away from the cutesy stuff.

Red celery at the organic produce vendor's stand. I had never seen this before.

Primal cuts of meat dry aging 25-30 days. These are cut into steaks and sell for between $20-$25/lb. I bet it's worth it.

These churros are for sale at the Mexican grocery stand El Rey (purveyor of excellent fresh corn tortillas), a local chain. It has the biggest and most impressive space in the new market and I don't like it because they don't sell much local stuff. Their produce is the conventional supermarket crap shipped from afar and must of the rest of what they're selling is Goya and La Preferida products in cans, though they do have fresh salsas, cheeses, and chips. The churros tasted pretty bad, like they had been fried in old oil a long time ago. The kid sucked the sugar off the surface of his and left the rest for me. Thanks.

I'm still eager to try the fish, poultry, soups, pastries, etc., at the other vendors' stands. The building is welcoming and, according to the woman who sold me a cup of coffee, business has been brisk. But it still feels very new and the other patrons, like me, seemed still to be getting their bearings. The Milwaukee Public Market could become a great local institution. I hope so.


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