Thursday, November 24, 2005


Here's what I'm up to on this Thanksgiving Day:

Listening to Shout Out Louds.

Watching bits of a parade and a football game on television.

Roasting a turkey and some chestnut stuffing.

Eating lox and H&H bagels (brought by Little Sister from NYC) for lunch.

Reading the glossy ad inserts that came with today's Journal-Sentinel but not so much reading the Journal-Sentinel.

Staying home with the napping youngster and cooking while the others are out seeing Rent, which I would like to see.

Reading blogs about Thanksgiving popcorn balls, flickr's Thanksgiving picture rated highest for interestingness, and Canadian versus American Thanksgivings.

Looking forward to watching the rest of last night's Veronica Mars.

Wishing my parents' flight from Toronto this morning hadn't been cancelled. Can't wait to see you tomorrow, folks.


Since this is a day for thanks, today I'll thank you. Thanks for reading.


Blogger vbspurs said...

Hey, whaddayaknow.

Thanks, MZN, for linking to my Canadian v. American Thanksgiving post!

Here's hoping you get your folks over soon...there's nothing like family (and hockey) to perk you in life. ;)


1:10 PM  

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