Sunday, August 28, 2005

What's Haverchuk?

When I began this blog, I named it Haverchuk after a favorite television character, Bill Haverchuck of Freaks and Geeks. I spelled it wrong, though, even after googling it. My search came up with a bunch of hits for Bill, so I figured I was right. Even now, such a search returns several misspelled Bill Haverchuks on the first page of entries after the ones referring to this Haverchuk. The next day, as I was posting this, I discovered my error. The real Haverchuck has two c's; this Haverchuk has but one.

I embrace my mistake. I'm happy that this site has a name that's slightly different from its namesake's, so that it both is and is not named for him. I like the indie-rock-band sort of sound that the word "Haverchuk" has to my ear, and I like that, as with a rock band name, the reference may be completely meaningless. Do I know or care what connection the names Franz Ferdinand, Fountains of Wayne, Flaming Lips, or Belle and Sebastian have to whatever they were named for? No and no. These names just sound interesting and that's enough for me. I also like that the name has no clear connotations aside from being Ukrainian, which is itself a red herring. I'm not Ukrainian and until now I haven't mentioned anything Ukrainian in these pages. Also, apparently some people think that I am Haverchuk, and that thought gives me a chuckle on the inside. I like lots of literal blog names--most food blogs have names that reference food, cooking, or eating, none catchier than Chocolate & Zucchini--but I also like the idea that the name of my blog can be a kind of blank, a fresh start.

There's lots of food and eating in F&G (I would love to taste Mrs. Weir's veal piccata), including one scene that ranks among the great food scenes in film and television. In the teaser of the episode "Tricks and Treats," Sam and Neil offer Bill $10 to drink a concoction they whip up in the blender. He agrees and covers his eyes and ears so that he won't know what's going in. Among the contents of this disgusting beverage are mustard, pickle juice, salt, sardines, vinegar, soy sauce, chili ("for texture"), jelly, nondairy creamer, and after dinner mints. As Bill sips it, Sam and Neil groan, "Gross!" Bill calmly says, "It's not bad." He takes a big gulp and the episode cuts to the credit sequence: Joan Jett sings, "I don't give a damn about my reputation..."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVED Freaks and Geeks. It was a delightful, if short-lived series; my favorite ever. If you have a chance to get the DVD set (it comes in an awesome Norseman yearbook), do it. Long live Haverchuck! (and Haverchuk)

12:58 PM  
Blogger mzn said...

Hi anon. I do have the DVDs (they are the source of the images in this post) but only a special edition comes with the fixin's you describe.

The Norseman! How funky is your chicken!

1:28 PM  

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