Monday, September 12, 2005


Infuse vodka. Vodka+flavorful ingredient=infused vodka. Possible flavorful ingredients: habaƱero pepper, star anise, lime, basil.

Foods of the Ashkenaz. Homemade corned beef, gefilte fish, kishka, knishes. This might be the next "project" project. Perhaps I can round some readers up from the Jewlicious Yidblog Jewlicious. [UPDATE: After consulting a very knowledgable Jew and poking around the web, I have concluded that "the Ashkenaz," sweet as it sounds, is incorrect. The above should read, "Ashkenazi foods."]

Revive the sourdough starter. It's been in the fridge for months, but some of those microorganism critters are still alive in there. As soon as it doesn't seem crazy to have the oven going all the time I'm doing it.

More ice cream too, of course. Caramel, coconut, sour cream. Salty, spicy, crazy ice cream. Lots more ice cream, I hope.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

However, "Foods of Ashkenaz" would be correct, as Ashkenaz is Hebrew for the France/Germany region. Or, if you're set on "the," "Foods of the Ashkenazim."

Of course, our dear Jewlicious leader is Moroccan and probably would protest at being associated with gefilte and kishkas...although you could probably placate him with "Foods of Sepharad." Like couscous or shakshuka or jachnun or something.

3:20 PM  
Blogger mzn said...

Thanks for the clarification. I suppose I'm hungrier for foods of the Poland/Russia region. I'm not sure how gung-ho I am on the definite article. I would love some shakshuka right now. Spicier is better. I would call my project "the Jewish food project" but I think of egg rolls as Jewish food and they're not what I have in mind. Ditto "Jewish spaghetti," made (I believe) with Campbell's tomato soup.

5:23 PM  

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