Monday, September 05, 2005

What kind of blog is this, anyway?

Since the great timesuck site food porn watch began to link here a few days ago I have been somewhat consciously avoiding non-food topics. Someone clicks Haverchuk looking for virtual grub and instead finds language, art, television, even floster. Problem? I hope not. My blog is mine and I can do with it what I please. If the food pornographers don't like it they can defenestrate me.

Having said that, I will answer the question of the title. This is the kind of blog that's a lot about food and a little about other things, but most of all it's about me. What I like most about a blog I like is its personal quality, the way the blog functions as an expression of the writer's self. For me, being a blogger requires more topics than just food ones (though obviously there are lots of me-topics that I have no intention of blogging about). I love food blogs but I want mine to be more eclectic. So I intend to blog about the new TV season, toddler care, and what's on my iPod.

Here's something cool I read in Entertainment Weekly, in Dalton Ross's Hit List:
Slash and Duff sue Axl: I love that the word sue is the only real name in that entire item.

And here's a picture of my old shoes. I bought new ones on Saturday--Skechers!-- to replace these. So this is the kind of blog in which the author shows you his shoes.


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