Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Food Tube

Where am I? Watching television. Too much to watch this time of year and lots of it is good, too.

Last week's Gilmore Girls seemed to me to be written by someone who is not a foodie but wanted to seem like one. (Backstory: there is no program with more references to food than GG. You have Luke's Diner food, Sookie's fancy Dragonfly Inn food, Emily and Richard's Friday night dinner food, and Rory and Lorelai's pig out at home food. I always though Dan Palladino was the food-obsessed writer and that his episodes had the most food talk. Now he doesn't work on the show any more, so I have feared that the food-writing voice would be lost.) Ok, so last week there was the part where Sookie talks about how she insists on whipping cream by hand with a whisk and she goes on and on. Something about struck me as just off, as inauthentic. But tonight's Gilmore Girls had way more food and although some of it was not quite right (Lorelai asks herself WWTBFCD, i.e., What Would the Barefoot Contessa Do? Rory corrects her that barefoot is one word. But seriously, they couldn't find a better Food Net personality than the Barefoot Contessa? Hello, Giada?) But then there was Lorelai inventing new kinds of sushi: meatloaf sushi, pb&j sushi, dessert sushi, oh so good. And there was a scene where R & L discuss how you make fried ice cream. Rory: I guess you fry it in a pan. Ha! And there was a great scene with Luke and his sister Liz and brother-in-law TJ where they drink white Russians but since Liz is pregnant hers is a virgin--just cream. Ha! And Liz is supposed to be cooking Luke a homecooked meal to console him after his breakup from Lorelai and it's...wait for it...tuna loaf! Who the hell makes that?! (Maybe you had to be there.) Finally, the big scene near the end when Luke and Lorelai run into each other and talk is set in the frozen foods ailse of a supermarket! Shot on location! He's holding veggies, she's got a pint of ice cream, which is supposed to help her get over breaking up with him. Sigh. The show is still great.


Blogger femme feral said...


will you post weekly gg thru the eyes of a foodie recaps? I'd love that!

2:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your combination of GG commentary and foodie tidbits have just made you my new favorite blog :)

8:13 PM  

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