Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hair loss, cookbooks, fat people, meat chessboard, fashion

-Losing hair? (Isn't everyone?) Don't try to hide it.

-Ask MeFi: What are the best cookbooks in regards to technique and theory?

-My responses to the Implicit Associations Test indicate that I have a "a strong automatic preference for Thin People compared to Fat People." But as I would not trust anyone who capitalizes "Thin People" and "Fat People," I remain sure of my own total lack of prejudicial feeling toward anyone on the basis of weight. via

-Meat chessboard:
The steak is cut into 2" by 2" pieces, with 64 pieces cut total, half of them kissed by a frying pan and hence enhanced in color. The meat is then arranged on a 16" x 16" platform of clear acrylic and placed on top of a podium. On either side of the sculpture are LCD panels hung from the ceiling. Each panel plays a 20-minute loop of a butcher contemplating his next move.
-Let's try some fashion blogging: OMG! Shoes!, outfits, t-shirts.

(Some of these links are totally stolen from the excellent best-blogs post at Fimoculous.)

Coming soon to a Haverchuk near you: the new Joy of Cooking!


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