Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Health and fitness

E says I abandon my usual skepticism of nutritional advice when I come across any hint of research that supports my status quo eating habits. She is right. I believe, as Christians believe that Jesus died for their sins, that moderate alcohol consumption is diminishing my chances of developing heart disease, that being a bit overweight is helping me extend my life expectancy, and as I learned recently, that drinking large quantities of coffee makes me less likely to develop diabetes. (Check it out!) Of course I believe the most basic stuff: everyone should consume no more calories than they need, exercise regularly, and avoid saturated fats and empty simple carbs. I'm trying. I eat Kashi cereal for breakfast most days, I eat lots of turkey sandwiches and 100% whole wheat bread, I eat at least four servings of fruits and veggies a day (because they're delicious), and there are few snacks I prefer to some salty edamame. But I also eat my fair share of food I know isn't good for me because food is part of a culture of eating and socializing that doesn't have much to do with fueling the body, because food is a source of immense pleasure. And I have no intention of curtailing this pleasure or of feeling guilty about it.

Guilty or not, I've been working out at the gym a lot lately, partly because I'm trying to be fit, but also because the half hour I spend there is a break from the rest of my day, a time free of responsibilities when I read magazines, watch CNN without sound, and listen to tunes. I never thought I would look forward to time spent sweating but I really do. I think music might be the most important part. Here's my workout playlist:

1. Body Moving--Beastie Boys
2. You're No Rock 'n Roll Fun--Sleater-Kinney
3. Can I Kick It?--A Tribe Called Quest
4. Hot Topic--Le Tigre
5. Pull Up the People--M.I.A.
6. The Dark of the Matinee--Franz Ferdinand
7. Lose Control--Missy Elliott
8. I Will Survive--Cake
9. Tropicalia--Beck
10. Stockholm Syndrome--Yo La Tengo

It would also be fine music to cook by.


Blogger the sad billionaire said...

Awesome playlist, MZN!

Were I to ever acquire an iPod, here is my list of three tunes free for download that I would work out to:
(Here is why I will never get an iPod, even though it would probably be a most practical gadget for me to own: i am addicted to pedal steel-related accessories, and will probably always foolishly prioritize guitar gear over listening gear. So silly)

Anything by Lightning Bolt (http://www.loadrecords.com/bands/bolt.html)awesome motivational/instrumental metal music
Everything by Deerhoof (http://puzzle.suchfun.net/deerhoof/)
And again, Doug Henwood interviews Slavoj Zizek: http://www.leftbusinessobserver.com/Radio_1.html) scroll down to April 17, 2003.
And of course, The Long Telegram: (www.thelongtelegram.com)!

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