Friday, September 02, 2005

Haverchuk by request

Kat wants lime-scented rice. No problem, Kat.

Make yourself a rice pilaf by sauteeing onions and garlic in butter and oil until soft, then adding rice and stirring over medium heat for about a minute. Then add salt, pepper, hot liquid (broth is best, water will do), and a long ribbon of lime zest (my mother calls it lime rind) which you remove from a fresh lime with your veggie peeler. Cover, simmer as long as it takes to cook rice, and let it sit a good 5-10 minutes with the heat off before lifting the cover. Then fluff it with a fork and serve it up. If you're so inclined you may squeeze fresh lime juice over it but it will be plenty limey with just the zest.

(I hesitate to give measurements for rice because every kind is different. Using Thai jasmine rice I would go one cup of rice to 1.5 cups of liquid.)

As Jacques says, Happy cooking!


Blogger kspring said...

Hey, now _that's_ customer service. Thanks!

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