Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fish fight

Israel has more serious problems than its gefilte fish controversy (via Jewlicious) but at least this one is funny:
As it turns out, gefilte fish is subjected to specific regulations. According to the relevant standard (number 841 for those who care) for preserving fish, applicable to carp preserved in gefilte fish sauce, each piece is supposed to be made of carp alone.

But importers claim that in reality, the standard is not being applied to local producers and is only being enforced against them. “It turns out that the stuffed fish pieces suffer from serious discrimination in Israel,” a statement by the importers said.
In the Jewlicious comments someone accuses the report of smelling fishy, asserting that gefilte fish is always a mixture of more than one kind of fish. Perhaps this person lives in a Manischewitz-free zone? Around here you can always find jars of "all whitefish" GF. I suppose a pedant might say that the "all whitefish" stuff isn't really GF just as a cocktail snob might insist that a vodka Martini isn't a Martini. I'd hate to be that kind of person. (I'm guessing that the quotation from the importers is translated from Hebrew and that the reporter turned "gefilte" into "stuffed," which is the literal--but not the correct--meaning.)


Blogger Katherine said...

In my house, the "fish fight" is about whether a giant CostCo jar of generic gefilte fish should be allowed in the house. I say no, boyfried of strong gefilte-fish-eating heritage and inclination says yes.

2:49 PM  
Blogger mzn said...

Sorry to say that I'm with the BF, katherine. I would prefer too much gefilte fish to none at all.

8:43 PM  

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