Thursday, May 25, 2006


Scrambled eggs with morels, toast
I learned a new word today at the co-op. It's "wildcrafted," and it describes the morel mushrooms mixed in with my eggs. For $24.99 you can take home a pound of these locally wildcrafted superfungi and with that many you can make about twenty lunches. Morels are one of the few seasonal produce items that come around this early in the northern Midwest, when elsewhere there seems to be such enviable bounty. It's still early for peas and lettuces here, even.

I chopped two morels into bits, sauteed them in butter (with a big pinch of salt) over high heat so that the butter browned a bit, and then stirred them into my scrambled eggs just a few seconds before they were done. To make the eggs I beat two grade A large with salt and a drip of heavy cream and cooked them in butter over medium heat, stirring constantly, until they were just right. I like them soft and fairly wet.

This was my first taste of morels and they lived up to their billing. As I was eating this I kept thinking about how great they would be atop a thick medium rare hamburger. Hope their season lasts long enough for me to give that a try.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous, aren't they? Only had fresh ones once.I'm envious.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Ange said...

Looks like a scrumptious combo for brekky

12:45 AM  

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