Thursday, September 14, 2006

Search strings

I haven't shared any of these in a while. I think they're usually more interesting to the blogger than the reader, but this is true of many things. What I love about reproducing these artifacts of the websearching of strangers is how it highlights not only curiosities of the sort that make you go "wha?" but also earnest efforts to unearth vital information. And sometimes you can't tell which of these is producing your search string. In other words, looking at these phrases is an imperfect form of mindreading, like overhearing context-free snippets of conversation as people pass in the street.

What would a meme sandwich taste like? You won't find out here.

Phil Collins anti-semite. No idea how this rumor got started but the reference here came from my brother in the comments and now I'm on the first page of results. (The top hit is a site called Israellycool, which quotes from a debunking of the rumor and contains the heart-stopping shocker that some of Phil's best friends are Jewish.) I have that same sibling to thank for the continuing pitter-patter of Ginsberg and Wong seekers.

Tuna salad without mayo.
I say it's a bad idea but if you're looking for some, you still might end up here.

Continuity porn.
Still producing a trickle.

Who cares? We'll all be dead Takes you here.

And when you search for I hate the rich, you surrealistically get to see a picture of a duck breast, yum yum YUM!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mom and I are obsessed with the search phrases that land people on eat, such as "wood trim colors that go well with natural cherry," "i only eat when i m hungry pretty much," "i want to eat cookies all day," "how to make nice supper," and "what do normandy people eat." I'd be horrified if people could see the ridiculous things I search for!

10:12 PM  
Blogger zoe p. said...

oh i love this too, and i've stopped myself from posting on it many, many times. leland, yours feel kind of poetic. i think i like reading about this when bloggers post on it . . .

10:44 AM  
Blogger mzn said...

Leland, I think you have given away too much. But I feel just as you do. I might add, I searched for "we'll all be dead" before posting those words in the first place to make sure my memory of Bush saying them was correct.

zp, you should give in.

1:35 PM  

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