Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gourmet Survivor II for charity

This fundraiser for Katrina victims being hosted by The Amateur Gourmet begins with this totally insane New-Orleans-themed scavenger hunt: you take a picture of yourself with the following objects and post the photos to a Flickr page. The entry fee is $10. I pledge to match your entry if you submit a picture of yourself "eating" Haverchuk for #50. (This is just stage one of the contest; there's much more and to read about it go check out The AG.)

1. A bottle of cayenne pepper balanced on your head.

2. A menu from a restaurant that says New Orleans somewhere on it.

3. A dog or a cat wearing a chef's hat.

4. You with a placard outside a restaurant that says:
NOTE: There must be at least one genuine onlooker in the picture! No friends!

5. A cast-iron skillet balanced on your finger.

6. Pecans in your nostrils.

7. You with a baby eating cake. (Because in New Orleans they have those baby cakes...)

8. Dirty rice.
- "Pan-fried leftover cooked rice sautéed with green peppers, onion, celery and giblets." (3 pts)
- Creative interpretation (up to 5 pts)

9. Playing the sax while eating a sandwich.
- (Bonus 1 pt if you have cayenne pepper balanced on your head while you do it.)

10. Crayfish
- (3 pts if it's a real crayfish)
- (5 pts if you dress as a crayfish---no real crayfish needed.)
- (10 pts if you dress as a crayfish and you hold a crayfish too.)

11. You with chicory---defined as "An herb that is dried, ground, roasted and used to flavor New Orleans coffee."

12. Any cookbook that features New Orleans food.
- (Minus 2 pts if the book is Emeril's!) (Just kidding.) (I think.)

13. You flossing with Mardi Gras beads.

14. You kissing a box of grits.

15. Gumbo.
- (+5 pts if Gumby's in the Gumbo.)

16. You drinking hot sauce from the bottle.

17. Prailine. Defined as: "A New Orleans candy. Flat and sweet, it is made of sugar, water, and pecans."

18. Hot peppers that look like famous people.
- (Make a note in the post about who you think it looks like, and you'll be awarded up to 5 pts for creativity and likeness.)

19. You in a t-shirt that says "HOT" somewhere on it.

20. Boudin. Defined as: "Hot, spicy sausage that has pork, onions, rice, and herbs mixed together."

Ok, at this point we'll move away from specifically New Orleans food and broaden the scope a bit for those not in the United States. (Even though items 1 through 20 provide many opportunities for creative point getting.) So here we go!

21. A spork.

22. You in one of those aprons that has a naked body on it.

23. A large wheel of Parmesan.

24. A pair of dentures eating a piece of licorice.

25. A Tupperware party.
- (3 pts for creativity here!)

26. A jello mold.

27. You in a bakery with flour on your face.

28. You playing a cannoli like a trumpet.

29. The "Big Night" DVD in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other.

30. You with a milk mustache.
(+5 points if you make it look like one of those Milk ads by adding text, etc.)

31. Grating cheese directly into your mouth.

32. You holding a rose and a glass of rose.

33. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.

34. A cucumber zucchini sword fight.

35. Someone throwing a tomato at your face: BEFORE.

36. Something throwing a tomato at your face: AFTER.

37. Butternut Squash and Honey Nut Cheerios, doing battle.

38. A CD with food on the cover.

39. David Lebovitz's "Great Book of Chocolate."

40. Eating something in a public place while wearing oven mitts.

41. The New Yorker Food Issue.
(Bonus point if you have last year's too. Ditto for each additional year.)

42. A lobster tank.

43. Nutella under an umbrella.

44. White bread with you looking as "white bread" as you can.
- (Up to 5 bonus points for creativity.)

45. You hugging a Starbucks employee.

46. Picking fruit from a tree.

47. An ice cream truck.

48. You making an ugly face holding Ugly Fruit.

49. The Larousse Gastronomique in one hand and a whisk in the other.

50. You reading your favorite food blog with a knife and fork poised over the keyboard.


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