Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No War But Class War


The sausages that race at Miller Park during Milwaukee Brewers games showed up on campus today. There was a sausage sale on during the lunch hour and I guess they were there to hawk the meat, though mainly they just seemed to be posing for pictures. I first noticed them horsing around through the window of the library-café Grind, where I was sitting reading a book. Everyone I saw who caught a glimpse of them instantly began to smile.

The top photo is the Polish, hot dog, and bratwurst, left to right. The Italian was there too, but chorizo must have flown south for the winter. Maybe he's at spring training.


Meanwhile, a few hundred yards away, the anarchists were selling their books at half price at a table in the Union.

No War But Class War

I don't know what the Jolly Roger has to do with their cause, but it sure makes them seem badass.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me, the Jolly Roger is interchangeable with the anarchy "A" symbol.

It's a universal symbol of defiance against established authority.

Pirates, rebels, freedom fighters, etc.


7:03 AM  

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