Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Volume 1

This little blog is one year old today. In its honor I have compiled this index. The alphabetization is lackadaisical and the categories are a bit arbitrary, but everything I care to remember is here. Entries marked with an asterisk are those I decided to mark with an asterisk.

Bad food
Bill Buford in the NYer on learning to butcher pigs
Body Worlds, the plastinated people at the Museum of Science & Industry
Bookstore w/little man
Dad's pancakes
The Da Vinci Code
Del Posto's breadcrumbs
Eggs poached and scrambled, an anti-NYT mag recipe rant
Elliptical, the word
Flickr interestingness cities
Flosters, the fresh-local-organic movement that some think isn't elitist
Food memoir, some conventions/clichés
Food porn, about an article in Harper's comparing the Food Network with pornography, filthy dirty*
Foodie, a stupid word*
Gilmore Girls, food and drink in
Green tree, on the little man's food lingo
Harold McGee speaking in Madison
Henderson, The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating
Homaru Cantu profiled in Fast Compay
Jeni's ice creams, 9 pints of 'em, and an update
Julie Powell, with observations on bad blog photography*
Kugel by my father
Leftover pasta*
The little man's food lingo
Little sister: Canadian in the U.S.
Little sister: on teaching 2nd and 3rd graders
Little sister: a rant about celebrities and Kabbalah
Martha Stewart as adjective
Michiu (Chinese rice wine)
Milwaukee Art Museum w/little man
Monkfish, w/dramatic photo
Music nostalgia (Billy Joel, Genesis, The Police)
Nancy Franklin, against
Old food*
Ordering in restaurants*
Park w/little man
Playground w/little man in chilly April
Podcasts about food
Potlucks, against*
Porn as metaphor (including continuity porn)*
Random, a vexing word*
Royale w/cheese, a hamburger served at The Social
Sarah Lucas (UK artist who uses food in her work)
Schmaltz and multi-cullti kidlit*
Square bagel*
Squash galore
Stravecchio cheese
Stupid kitchen appliances including the Rival chocolate fountain*
Television at mid-season with notes on Commander-in-Chief, Book of Daniel, Idol, Arrested, the CW
TiVo and the little man
Toilet training infants
Toronto eating, Christmastime
Turkey, for
Vitamin water
Whole Foods, Milwaukee
Workout playlist i
Workout playlist ii

Farmers market i
Farmers market ii
Farmers market iii
Farmers market iv
Farmers market v
Farmers market vi
Farmers market vii
Milwaukee public market i

Five food memories
My sister's five food memories
My favorite foods (also pictures of the kitchen here)

Baba ganoush
Bacon-wrapped chicken livers
Beans, greens and sausages
Beer can chicken
Buttermilk pancakes
Caesar salad
Carbonades Flamandes (beef braised in beer)
Cashew chicken
Cherries Jubilee*
Chicken a la King*
Chicken salad i
Chicken salad ii
Chicken soup, "Chinese"
Chicken stock
Chicken vesuvio
Chopped liver
Cincinnati chili
Cuban sandwich
Cure for the winter blues (Champagne cocktail)
Duck breast salad w/cherries*
Duck legs
Eggplant parmesan*
Eggs in aspic*
Eggs w/cheese and onions a la Bagel World
Eggs, devilled*
Eggs, scrambled with morels
Fish tacos
Fried rice i
Fried rice ii
Fried rice iii (this one with SPAM)
Frittata w/carmelized salmon and goat cheese
Gefilte fish/Pacific NW variation*
Green shrimp burger
Habanero vodka
Hash (noodles and beef)*
Hoppin' John
Israeli couscous
Matzo balls
Manhattan cocktail, among my end-of-year reflections*
Mussels w/garlic, chiles, and wine
Pasta with clams alla vodka + pizza margherita
Pizza fontina
Pork butt braised in Bass Ale
Pot roast
Salade niçoise
Sesame-crusted tuna w/wasabi mashers
Short ribs, braised in Belgian ale (from the Zuni cookbook)
Shrimp chowder
Shrimp cocktail*
Skate w/beurre noisette
Spinach salad w/bacon, cherries, and a fried egg
Split pea soup
Steak frites
Steak au poivre
Steamed fish (escolar w/ginger and black beans)
The tuna casserole
Tuna salad, a statement of principles or something*
Turkey burgers
Turkey meatloaf
Turkey pot pie, cornbread crust
Summer veggie stew

Fortune Chinese Restaurant
Harlequin Bakery
Jake's Deli
Kopp's Frozen Custard, and again
Lakefront Brewery fish fry
Leon's Frozen Custard
Speed Queen BBQ

Apples and honey ice cream
Berry buttermilk sherbet
Black sesame ice cream *
Caramel ice cream*
Cardamom ice cream
Egg ice cream
Green chile mint ice cream*
Mango cream cheese ice cream
Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Mocha ice cream
Mojito cream cheese ice cream
Oatmeal raisin ice cream
Peach frozen yogurt
Rice ice cream
Sour cream anise ice cream
Strawberry ice cream
Watermelon sour cream sherbet


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy blog birthday! I saw your post today on I hate the New Yorker (new favorite of mine) and it's my first visit, I'm sure it won't be my last, looks like a great blog and I'll read more later today when I have time.

8:39 AM  
Blogger kspring said...

mzn, congrats! you've provided me with great relief from the tortures of writing in my library carrel, aka prison cell. thank you for that.

11:20 AM  
Blogger zoe p. said...

what a great idea for an anniversary post. and how did i miss the Target bashing now neatly filed under "stupid kitchen appliances" the first time around? thank goodness for indices. (a common sentiment, with me) . . .

ok, new business, now that rebecca's introduced herself, are you reading her family blog "eat" haverchuk? it's got men cooking . . .

to many more meals and good times.

12:48 PM  
Blogger the chocolate doctor מרת שאקאלאד said...

mazl-tov and best wishes for many more. Wonderful work!
I see that at some point you parted with your subtitle. Is there a story about that?

3:39 PM  
Blogger mzn said...

Thank you all.

Rebecca, I have been a happy lurker at Eat for a couple of weeks.

Kat, I don't miss the library carrel. Glad to hear you're still reading.

zp, I join you in that toast. Mine is a bourbon, neat.

Chocolate Lady, your encouragement means lots. As for the old subtitle ("a little bit kosher, mostly treyf"), I felt it was time for a new one so I got rid of it as a way to prod myself to come up with something. I liked the old one but I thought my blog wasn't kosher enough to advertise it as even "a little bit kosher." Also (I don't need to tell you) something is either kosher or it isn't; it seemed a bit dishonest of me to claim what's not rightly mine. On the downside, I kind of liked how the old subtitle screamed "Look at me I'm Jewish!"

8:19 PM  
Blogger Mrs. M. said...

Congrats, mzn. Yours was one of the first food blogs I read and it's still one of my favorites.

12:46 AM  

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